Are You Looking For Ways To Generate Passive Income & Sell Online?

Did You Know Over 377,000 Shopify Stores Worldwide Are Secretly Generating Billions of Sales Online?Β 

What is even more amazing is simple stores right now are generating whopping results selling simple products online. Below are some real examples of them:

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Hi, my name is Alvin Phang, nice to meet you here πŸ™‚

Since 2006 ( 12 years ), I have been coaching and teaching about internet marketing through my blog and helped well over 24,000+ students in 144 countries worldwide about selling online.

My goal throughout my career has always been to empower my students to have the ability and knowledge to know what are the right ethical tactics and strategies to enable you to generate sales online at an affordable price


Top 5 Problems My Students Ask Me

  1. No tactical or programming skills

  2. No idea what to sell

  3. Have no clue what is in demand online sell

  4. Unsure how to start

  5. No capital to buy stock

The good news, all these issues can be solved by using the simple platform called Shopify and using the drop shipping method.


Here Are The Benefits of Drop Shipping

  1. Ability to sell many products without keeping inventory or buying stock

  2. You only buy the product when there are sales ( zero capital needed )

Simply put, there is ZERO inventory cost when it comes to getting products to sell. I will show you how to can deal with suppliers directly to get low prices and sell online internationally.


Why Sell With Your Own Store

I have done many various types of online business, ranging from selling on Qoo10, & eBay but they all have one common problem.

You need to keep stock to sell on these platforms and worst you are not promoting your BRAND and you cannot store up your own email list or customer database!

Furthermore, these platforms charge a fee ranging from 10 to 15% of your sale price. While it might not seem a lot at first but when you are generating $10,000 of sales that’s $1,500 of fee πŸ˜›

To make matters worse, you are required also right now to ADVERTISE also on these platforms just to get sales on Qoo10, Amazon or eBay because of PRICING WAR and competition.

That is why I believe selling on Shopify is the best smart way to sell online!


Here Are Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Sell On Shopify

  1. Simple to understand platform ( no programming skills needed )

  2. List as many products as you like with no FEES

  3. No additional fees from your sales that platform charge

  4. Ability to collect email address to build up your customer base

  5. Know your customers by knowing exactly what is selling well with online tracking

  6. Dropship products to your store and deliver them with simple tools


Join Smart Marketers In This Hands-On Proven Shopify Class in Singapore Today

Who is This Course Designed For?

  1. Retires

  2. Homemakers

  3. Housewife

  4. Students age 18 and above

  5. Businessman , CEO ,Β CTO, Directors

  6. Sales related jobs or Managers

  7. or anyone seeking to have an additional stream of income

What You Will Learn and Achieve At The End of These Sessions

  1. Setup Your Shopify Store with Hot Products To Sell

  2. Create Ads to Promote Your Store ( Affordable budget or only about SG$5 to SG$20 per day )

  3. Goal to Help You Generate Your 1st Sale By The 2nd Session on 30th Jun


Super Detailed Breakdown of 2 Days Shopify Singapore Class So You Know What You Will Be Learning And Getting πŸ™‚

Prehome Before Class Session:

  • Register your Shopify store online ( take est. 10 minutes )

  • Getting a domain name for your store ( optional to buy but recommended – takes est. 1 hour )

  • Hands-on video tutorials will be given to you

Session #1 – 23th Jun 2018 (Sat)

  • 8:30 – Registration

  • 9am – Introduction on Shopify

    • What not to sell and dangers you need to be aware

    • Why use Shopify

  • 9:20am – Researching $1k to $10k proven hot products

    • Using Secret Resource & Tools #1 & #2

  • 9:30am – Hands-on practice searching for products

  • 10am – Break

  • 10:10am – Hands on setup Shopify store and add 5 products in your niche

    • Learn simply copywriting on Titles, Description and Pricing

    • Creating high converting product listing on your store

  • 11am – Hands-on setup shipping settings

  • 11:30am – Hands on setup Facebook pixel and Google analytic

  • 12pm – Lunch

  • 1pm – Understand The Million Dollar Proven Shopify Sales Funnel

  • 1:30pm – Hands on setup Shopify apps to boost sales

    • Retargeting app

    • Secret FREE App to track Add to Carts and Purchase

    • Create discount codes

  • 2pm – break

  • 2:10pm – Understanding The Million Dollar Launches Blueprint

    • Know When To Stop And When to Scale Ads

    • Understand What is Working In Your Ads

    • Learn Proven Ways To Advertise For As Little as USD$0.10 Per Click

    • How To Calculate and Know If You Are In Profit

  • 2:30pm – Hands-on learn to create your 1st Ad images

    • Using FREE Secret Online Imaging Tool

  • 3pm: Hands-on setup your 1st Ad Online

    • Using #1 Secret Ad Traffic Source

    • Learn to create high converting Ad titles

    • USD$0.50 CPM with USD$0.10 in USA

    • Each Ad budget is set at USD$5 per day

  • 3:30pm – Hands on setup 5 more Ad Campaigns

  • 4:30pm – Summary and recap

    • How to process orders with drop shippers

    • Blueprint checklist to know if your campaign succeed

    • Homework on how to monitor and see your Ads

    • Homework create another additional 5 Ads for another product

    • Homework setup additional Shopify apps to boost sales (optional )

      • Abandon cart app

      • Online video tutorials will be provided

Session #2 – 30th Jun 2018 (Sat)

  • 8:30am – Registration

  • 9am – Sharing of results among students

  • 9:15am – Understanding What Went Wrong & What Works

  • 9:30am – Understand Who Your Customers Are and What They Are Buying

  • 9:45am – Importance of Creating Upsells

  • 10am – Hands-on setup upsells with Shopify app

  • 10:30am – break

  • 10:45am -How to scale up your profitable campaigns

  • 11am – Hands-on setup new scaling Ad Campaigns

  • 12pm – Lunch

  • 1pm – Introduction To Facebook FREE High Converting Viral Traffic

    • Understanding the FREE Viral Facebook Traffic Blueprint

    • How to get cheap high converting traffic from Facebook

    • Learn to tap FREE viral traffic on Facebook using ________

    • Learn to tap on big _______ that has over 1k to 50k on Facebook

  • 1:30pm – Hands on set up your 1st Viral Campaign on Facebook

    • Write and create your 1st viral _____ on your store

    • Promote the viral ______ on Facebook _______

  • 2pm – Break

  • 2:15pm – Introduction of FREE Tools to Find Hidden Gems of Other Stores

  • 2:30pm – Hands on install FREE tool to search hidden gems

  • 3:30pm- Introduction To Untapped Cheap High Converting USA Traffic Sources

  • 3:45pm – Understanding Untapped Traffic Paid Resource #3

    • Searching for high demand ________ on _________

    • Buying _______ of Paid Resource Traffic

    • Understand Words That Triggers Buying Behaviors

    • Cost per click ranges $0.20 to $3.00

  • 4pm – Introduction to Untapped Traffic Paid Resource #4

    • Introduce to _______ Ads and how they work

    • Tap on over 191 million daily users on this Secret Paid Resource

  • 4:30 – 30 Days Blueprint What To Do After Course

    • Explaining what to do on a daily basic ( 1 – 2 hours )

4:45pm – Online Support

  • Facebook private group support and posting


Important Honest Disclaimer

  • There will be no upsells for more courses guarantee!

  • No requirement to buy a lot of products from China to sell!

  • No requirement to fly to China to find suppliers!

  • Everything you need to make your 1st sale is in this package

  • There no guarantee of instant success or $xxx income BUT

  • If you put in time and effort and follow the blueprint you will see results that we can guarantee πŸ™‚


2 Days Shopify Class Information

Date: 23th and 30th Jun 2018 ( 2 Saturdays ) Time: 9am to 5pm Venue: Central Location ( revealed after payment )

  • 2 Full Day Session of Powered Pack Hands-On Sessions – Worth SG$997

  • Access to Recordings of Both Session In case You Miss Any – Worth SG$300

  • 6 months direct online support with me πŸ™‚ on Facebook for questions – Worth SG$600

  • Private Facebook Group to get updates and post questions – Worth SG$300

  • Master Blueprint for Students to Follow – Worth SG$300

  • Online Tutorials for Homework – Worth SG$200

  • Total Real Value Worth – SG$2697

Special Bonus – Get Access to 80,000 Shopify Directory

Get access to 80,000 Top Shopify Directory, so you can spy and know what are their best sellers products for you to easily take than and dupliate their success. For your information people are paying SG$5,000 just to have access to this information but I found a way to give you access to it πŸ™‚

Special Bonus #2 – Secret Resource Tool That Finds Highly Engaging FB Shopify Post

With this secret resource, you no longer need to guess what product to sell! Just list and duplicate what is shown and test the products ads on Facebook. Saving you time and money!

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Special Promotion – 1st 5 Only Bring Your Spouse or Child Get 50% OFF Only $897 for You & Your Spouse or Child (Save $3303 – Worth $5397 )

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God Bless – See You At The Workshop!